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Multi-Destination Route Planner

Online Route Planner for the best route between multiple destinations.
Enter ANY number of addresses in ANY order and get your optimized route.
Unlike other mapping applications that display a route from ONE point of departure to ONE final destination and the user is responsible for the order in which the destinations are entered.Route planning is done in different ways depending on your preferences. You may predefine the number of routes, the number of destinations per route or the maximum duration of the route. Routes are optimized to meet the user ‘minimum distance’ or ‘minimum time’ goals taking into account different constraints like time windows, vehicle, driver and more…

Potential users:

  • Retail or Manufacturer Distributor
  • Household Service Provider
  • Food & Beverage Distributor
  • Nursery
  • Mail/Package Delivery company
  • Sales people
  • Repair and service technicians
  • Real estate agents
  • Garbage and recycling collector
  • Travelers and campers

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